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Cindy Jabbour
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About Cindy Jabbour

About Cindy Jabbour

My Agency is an Independently Owned and Operated Affiliate of Avoya Travel / American Express.

As success stories go, Cindy Jabbour and husband David Locke have quite a tale to tell about their meteoric rise as travel agency owners. They are multi-million dollar producers.

It started almost 8 years ago, when Cindy, whose background was in business and accounting for such corporate giants as Tetley Tea and Exxon Corporation, saw an ad placed by Willow CSN, Inc.

For each client serviced, extensive training was required. What caught Cindy's eye, were the handful of Willow’s travel related clients. She selected Oceania Cruises and Virgin Atlantic Airways and received thorough training on each client, culminating with a final exam encompassing many challenging topics. Cindy, passed with flying colors and felt confident in her new role as an Oceania and VAA service provider — confident enough to speak knowledgeably with supervisors and management.

As an Oceania service provider, Cindy frequently spoke to Brad Anderson, president and CEO, Avoya Travel / America’s Vacation Center, American Express, a leading host agency. “I learned a lot about the company and liked what I heard.

The “we” she referred to includes husband David, who was so impressed by Cindy’s enthusiasm and success working with Avoya Travel / American Express that he wanted to be part of the business. He started training February 2005 and on July 5 quit his job at a Florida law school, where he was working in management but was also a law student. David's previous background: University of Pennsylvania, degree in Biblical Archeology and master's in business. David was on the faculty at a local university’s School of Business, teaching in the information-technology and operations-management department.

“I saw that Cindy was having so much fun and loved the travel business,” said David. “We’re very happy with the personal relationship with Avoya Travel / American Express. We receive all the support, terrific training and all the technology— we’ve never seen anything better. And, since Avoya Travel has been an award-winning American Express Representative for almost 20 years, there’s that invaluable element of credibility and benefit to the customer.”

Cindy and David, whose specialties include Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas and Crystal Cruises and Seabourn Cruise lines, Cunard, Silversea (plus others), can’t say enough about Avoya Travel / America's Vacation Center / American Express.

Cindy and David's customers come from all over the world .



* Cindy Jabbour Locke- Top 2 Producers of Avoya Travel
* Cindy Jabbour Locke- Top Producer for Oceania Cruises and Regent 7 Seas and Crystal Cruises with Avoya Travel
** Cindy Jabbour Locke- Avoya Travel - TWICE Honored as Representative Pacesetter by American Express

**The American Express Pacesetter Awards are the most elite form of recognition a travel agent can receive within the American Express network. Each pacesetter is carefully selected based on their leadership role in the travel agent community and their exemplary level of performance and superior customer service.


* Cindy Jabbour Locke- One of the TOP Producers of Avoya Travel/American Express

* Cindy Jabbour Locke- Top Producer for Oceania Cruises and Regent 7 Seas and Crystal Cruises with Avoya Travel

* Cindy Jabbour Locke- Avoya Travel - Honored as Representative Pacesetter by American Express

Cindy Jabbour Reviews

"Cindy Jabbour Locke was a fantastic agent to work with!" ~ Melissa L.

"Cindy Jabour is exceptional in all ways " ~ Arnold W.

"Our Avoya Travel Agent is always responsive and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our vacation planning meets all our needs." ~ Michael R.