Insider’s Review on All-Inclusive Cancun Resorts!

Get the inside scoop on Cancun from one of our editors!

Thinking of traveling to Cancun and want to learn more about this popular all-inclusive resort city? In November, we sent one of our editors to Cancun, Mexico to find out why this destination continues to be a hot spot retreat for travelers year after year. From relaxing beach bum weather to endless activities, get the inside scoop on why Cancun offers the perfect all-inclusive resort getaway for Avoya Travel guests:

Avoya Travel: What did you think of Cancun?

Cancun Insider:

Cancun was great. The climate reminded me more of the Caribbean than what I am traditionally used to on the Pacific side of Mexico like Cabo or Puerta Vallarta. The water was aqua blue and warm – amazing to look at and great for water activities.

Avoya Travel: What type of travelers will enjoy Cancun?

Cancun Insider:

People who are looking for an authentic piece of Mexico mixed in with the warm Caribbean climate will definitely enjoy Cancun.

Avoya Travel: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the all-inclusive experience as opposed to other styles of travel?

Cancun Insider:

10 – I love the all-inclusive experience! Not having to worry about paying for every meal and tipping for every service was a huge plus to the vacation since we could just sit back and enjoy the food and be pampered. You would be surprised about how much you can enjoy something when you are not summing up the experience based on the dollar amount of the item.

Avoya Travel: What did you do while visiting Cancun?

Cancun Insider:

We mainly hung out by the pool/beach – the resort we stayed at had three different pools and we were right on the beach. Cancun has numerous hotels that are right on the beach (hotel row) so access is extremely accessible – no matter what your budget is.

Beyond the resort, we went shopping in the La Isla Shopping Village center which had a great atmosphere and tons of shops. We also went scuba diving and went to two dive sites – a ship wreck and Cancun’s coral reef. It took most of the day to do the two dives and it was a wonderful way to enjoy Cancun from the water.

Another one of the many beautiful things about the Cancun region is the access to an inordinate amount of history and culture. With several ancient ruins conveniently located nearby it makes it very easy to pop off the resort and experience a different side of Mexico. One of the most famous ruins we visited was Chichen Itza built by the Mayan civilization. Although this is a little further of a trip from the resorts, it is well worth the trip. Oftentimes the Cancun’s all-inclusive resorts sells tours onsite, and if you visit Chichen Itza with one you’ll begin learning all about the Mayan culture and why this structure came into being while enjoying your own sightseeing time at leisure. We loved walking around and seeing all the buildings we just heard about. Chichen Itza was also just named one of the Wonders of the World so it is a must-see if you are visiting Cancun!

Avoya Travel: Many people think that all-inclusive resorts restrict them to just simply ‘relaxing’ in the confinements of the resort and not experiencing the destination itself. What do you think?

Cancun Insider:

I don’t think that is true. Although an all-inclusive product makes things extremely easy and relaxing when you are at the resort nothing can take the place of immersing yourself in a new culture and exploring a new place. The location of our hotel made it easy to get around Cancun on foot but really most hotels work with tour companies, car services, and anything else you could want to easily get around your destination. Leaving the hotel and exploring the city can be just as easy and relaxing as staying in the hotel with the numerous services provided.

Avoya Travel: Why would a traveler prefer an adults-only all-inclusive resort versus an all-ages one?

(Note: Our Cancun Insider stayed at an adults-only all-inclusive resort)

Cancun Insider:

It would definitely depend on who you are going with on the trip. For me, I was with all adults so we chose adult-only. They definitely cater games, entertainment, and activities to a more adult audience so it was nice to relax without worrying about any young ones running around. However, family friendly resorts can be just as fun and have adult only options for activities and dining – so either way you can get your fill of adult-only activities.

Avoya Travel: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – do you think an all-inclusive resort would make the perfect gift?

Cancun Insider:

Absolutely. It is extremely romantic and since it is the off season, resorts are more quiet and less crowded. Perfect for two people looking to get away and spend time with each other. Wish I could go back already!

If you want to experience Cancun for yourself, call an Avoya Travel Vacation Specialist today and ask about all of the all-inclusive Cancun resorts that we offer!