10 Reasons to Take a Guided Vacation in 2013

Meet new friends while on a 2013 guided vacation!

If you associate a guided vacation with over-elaborative tour guides and run-of-the-mill itineraries that take you to the same ‘must-see’ sights…think again! We’ve gathered 10 of the top reasons to take a guided vacation in 2013 to convince you otherwise and show you how guided vacations are one of the best ways for Avoya Travel guests to take advantage of great value when traveling.

1. Hassle-Free Planning

Compare taking a guided vacation to traveling on your own and you’ll be surprised by how hassle-free the entire process is. While traveling independently, you’ll need to plan weeks – or maybe months – in advance and map out your itinerary, catch onto native languages, prepare to pay with different currencies, carry your own luggage, find your own transportation, and more. And once you are at your destination and the sites you want to visit, you’ll need to stand in lines, pay fees, and deal with other travel planning items you may not be aware of or prepared for. The preparation that goes into planning your vacation can be very stressful; however on a guided vacation everything will already be planned and handled in advance so you can just simply travel, enjoy your destination, and not have to worry about a thing!

2. Local Experts

With different languages, foreign roadmaps, and tons of sites to visit in a set timeframe, visiting a new destination on your own may not be as easy as you think! During a guided vacation in 2013, you’ll have access to an experienced Tour Director as well as local experts who definitely carry more firsthand knowledge than a guidebook and will make every destination fascinating. These individuals will be your friend in an unfamiliar place, and provide you with valuable insider knowledge about your destination – whether this includes bargaining down shopping prices or making sure you taste the best authentic local cuisine, your Tour Director will help you live the cultural lifestyle of your destination to its fullest. Think of this – your travel destination is their backyard!

3. Exclusive Cultural Experiences

Guided vacations treat Avoya Travel guests like an insider, and not a tourist. Beyond popular sites you’ll have access to exclusive cultural experiences all expertly arranged by your guided vacation company. For example, Trafalgar offers the ‘Hidden Treasures’ experiences that allow you to uncover a unique surprise that you’ll never discover while traveling on your own. With Globus, you’ll receive special VIP Access that will allow you to skip the lines and get special treatment at the must-see attractions of Europe and beyond. These are just a few of the exclusive cultural experiences can only be discovered during a guided vacation in 2013!

4. Like-Minded Travelers

On guided vacations, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy every bit of your destination while meeting new people and like-minded travelers from all over the world! It’s a pleasure to travel with others who are just as interested in your destination as much as you are, and makes your guided vacation all the more worthwhile. If you prefer smaller, more intimate groups, consider Brendan Vacations’ Boutique Journeys that include just a maximum of 24 guests so that you’ll be able to get to know your fellow travelers while diving deep into the culture of the lands you visit. Thinking about traveling alone? Guided vacations are known for offering solo travelers a fun experience filled with new friends and adventures. Monograms is ideal for travelers who want the freedom of independent travel, but prefer the convenience of a package that takes care of all the details such as reserving hotels, arrangements, airport transfers, and guidance at your destination. Want to travel with like-minded travelers? With select guided vacation companies such as Contiki, you’ll have the chance to explore new lands with people your age. Exclusively for guests ages 18 to 35, Contiki allows you to link up with young travelers from around the world and discover new and exciting experiences together.

5. Beyond Popular Sites

While you’ll definitely visit all the ‘must-see’ sites of your destination during select guided vacation itineraries, you’ll also have the chance to go beyond the usual tourist paths to see hidden gems and cultural highlights. Visit local wineries in Europe, or bike ride along river valleys, or see secluded village squares and much more with the help of your local expert. With guided vacations, you’ll also have an ample amount of leisure time so that you can experience everything that defines the beauty of your destination.

6. More Value

Contrary to popular belief, traveling on your own doesn’t always offer more bang for your buck. On a guided vacation, all your accommodations and transportation are included in the cost of your vacation, and sometimes these rates are negotiated to lower prices than what you would typically pay if you were traveling on your own. In addition, these vacations also include sightseeing with an expert, several meals, as well as amazing local experiences; the cost of traveling on your own can definitely add up when including all of these factors! Cosmos is an example of one guided vacation company that offers great value. With packages that include hotel, transportation, sightseeing, and a professional Tour Director for as low as $75 per day, you’ll find that the value of a guided vacation may be much more worth it than independent travel!

7. Quality Accommodations

With accommodations included in the cost of your guided vacation, you’ll be surprised with the quality of the hotels that are part of your vacation! From a Roman Villa in Italy to an Eco-lodge in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia, the accommodations you stay at during your guided vacation will be centrally-located and offer great value. With Insight Vacations, you’ll have the chance to stay at mainly first class superior and deluxe hotels that include premium brands from the world’s leading hotel groups. In addition, Insight Vacations’ special ‘Gold’ itineraries feature accommodations at some of the world’s greatest five-star luxury hotels.

8. Authentic Food & Meals

Visiting a new destination isn’t complete without getting a taste of its local cuisine! Forget about stepping into a restaurant that intentionally increases its prices and lures tourists in. On guided vacations, your local expert will take you to the best restaurants in town! For example with Trafalgar, you’ll have the chance to also experience exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ dining experiences on select itineraries. With the ‘Be My Guest’ experience, you’ll be invited into private homes, working farms, wineries, and family-run restaurants to savor delicious authentic meals. From delicious hors d’oeuvres and learning how to make tasty empanadas in a local Buenos Aires home, to visiting a family’s working olive grove estate in the Tuscan countryside and enjoying a meal complete with Italian favorites and Chianti wine, you’ll sample some of the most delicious fare during a guided vacation!

9. Help When You Need It

From something as simple as reading a road sign or finding a good place to eat, to more complicated problems such as leaving behind luggage at a hotel or needing to find a particular store or item, your Tour Director will be there to provide help and assistance to you during every hour of your vacation. There is always the possibility of random occurrences happening when you’re traveling, and during a guided vacation you’ll never have to worry about figuring everything out on your own.

10. Modern & Comfortable Transportation

Traveling from one place to another in a foreign country is a good experience; however your trip can also get very complicated if you miss a stop, don’t speak the language, or run out of money. On a guided vacation, you’ll have a specialty motor coach that will get you from place to place – without any additional fees. All the driving and navigation from one city to the next will all be taken care of, and you won’t have to worry about paying additional toll fees or figuring out how to park in city centers. Plus, these vehicles provide comfort so you can rest from one destination to the next.

Discover firsthand why these are the top 10 reasons to take a guided vacation in 2013 and contact an Avoya Travel Vacation Specialist today to begin planning next year’s trip!

Do you like traveling solo, or on a guided vacation? What do you think are the benefits of your travel preference?