Discovering South America – Luxury Cruise Spotlight

Discovering South America – Luxury Cruise Spotlight

Travelers in search of new experiences will find exactly what they’re looking for when cruising to South America this year. Breathtaking wilderness, artistic cities, remarkable relics, and a growing gastronomic scene are putting the countries of this Southern continent on the map for travelers around the world! Luxury cruises to South America offer a stress-free way to discover not-to-be-missed locations such as Lima, Patagonia, and Punta del Este, where all-inclusive amenities and exclusive opportunities make for an unforgettable adventure…

Lima, Peru

Machu Picchu, PeruLima has become a travel hotspot not only in South America, but in the world for the city’s close proximity to some of the best-preserved Incan archeological sites and as a foodie mecca. This Peruvian capital acts as the gateway to the world of the Incas, with easy access of both of the ancient citadels of Machu Picchu and Cuzco. In addition, the temple and pyramid ruins of Pachacamac and the mysteries of the Nazca Lines offer a look into the past of Peru before the arrival of the Inca Empire.

Aside from delving into the fascinating history of the region, you won’t want to leave Lima without a true taste of the city. Visit Pisco Valley for a closer look at the production of the region’s carefully crafted Pisco brandy and the country’s reemerging wine scene. Enjoy a number of amazing eateries in Lima where traditional Peruvian flavors are constantly being reimagined and creating a modern national identity through cuisine. Step inside the largest fish market in the city, Villa Maria del Triunfo, to see the freshly caught lenguado that is favored in the national dish, ceviche, and delight your taste buds everywhere you go – from the huarique serving pork belly sandwiches to top-tier restaurants where inspiration is found everywhere in the country’s diverse ecological offerings!

Patagonia, Chile & Argentina

Patagonia region, ChilePatagonia refers to the Southern regions of Chile and Argentina, stretching along the bottom portion of the continent to the tip of South America itself. Characterized by sharp outlines of snow-capped mountains, intensely blue lakes, forests, steppes, and grasslands, Patagonia is a nature-lover’s haven. The Andes act a natural border for the Chilean and Argentinian sides of the region, with more of the glacial fjords and rainforest ecosystems to the West and the desert steppe environments and grasslands to the East. As you cruise around the diverse region, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure and wildlife encounters! Kayak through the Strait of Magellan, hike around the Lake District, explore Osorno Volcano, or take an excursion to the Otway Sound and Penguin Reserve where you’ll be treated to a memorable experience with the native Magellanic Penguin colonies who nest there annually. Though sparsely populated, Patagonia is home to the world’s most Southerly city in the Punta Arenas region, Ushuaia, which offers an insightful look at native and colonial history, as well as modern culture and ecology of the area.

Cruise Tip: Looking for an even more unique travel experience to return home with? Sailings such as Silversea Cruises’ 7+ night itineraries from Tierra Del Fuego will take you to explore Antarctica from Usuhaia!

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Tucked between the big city pulls of Buenos Aires and Brazil’s hotspots, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the quieter offerings of Uruguay. Despite its smaller size, Uruguay offers a distinctly sophisticated Spanish charm without the larger crowds its neighbors experience during peak travel season. Punta del Este is one of the most distinguished and glamorous beach resort destinations in all of South America, often referred to as ‘the St. Tropez of South America’. Located just outside of Montevido, here you’ll encounter beautiful beaches, sparkling water, surfers, and chic shops and restaurants, but don’t let all of the luxury fool you into thinking that’s all Punta des Este has to offer.

Delve beyond the trendy pathways and discover the colorful artistic scene and incredible nature around this beach town. ‘Uruguay’ literally translates into ‘river of the colorful birds’ in the native Guarani tongue for the beautiful biodiversity of the region. Take a ferry to Sea Wolves Island (or Isla de Lobos) to view the largest colony of non-migrating sea lions in the world, or hike through the nearby nature reserves where you’re likely to see many of the native birds and vegetation, as well as the native capybara and other distinct mammals of Uruguay! Art excursions will take you to the original Ralli Museum of Contemporary Art where works from the most celebrated South American modern artists are on display, or even to Casa Pueblo, the home and workshop of the late internationally renowned artist Carlos Paes Vilaró.

Find excitement in the unexpected on your next vacation on a luxury cruise to South America where diverse cultures and remnants of a fascinating past meet gastronomic delights and adventure. Contact an Avoya Travel Luxury Cruise Specialist today for more information about any of these unforgettable destinations and finding the perfect cruise line to take you there!