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5 Reasons to Visit Paris in the Fall

Paris is a magical city year-round, but visiting in the Fall makes it even more special. From less tourists crowding the city, to beautiful Fall foliage in the gardens, there are so many reasons why Fall is the best season in the City of Lights. Paris in the Fall is sipping a cappuccino while enjoying a pain au chocolat at a café terrace on a crisp day. There’s nothing else like it!

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Here are the top five reasons to visit Paris in the fall…

1. You’ll Feel Like a Parisian

In the Fall, Parisians will have returned to the city from their Summer vacations, which means you’ll get to have a more authentic experience with actual locals. Instead of following hordes of tourists around, you’ll be able to pick out a fresh baguette or flowers at the market alongside true Parisians. Plus, it’s a lot easier to blend in when the high season is over!

2. The City is Filled with Fall Colors

Paris’ gardens are some of the most beautiful in the world, and become even more beautiful in the Fall. The Palais-Royal Gardens, Jardin des Tuileries, and Luxembourg Gardens all turn beautiful shades of yellow, gold, and ruby red. Strolling around the gardens with leaves falling around you while hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot is truly a magical experience!

Avoya Insider Tip: Fall is also an excellent time to visit Versailles! The gardens turn into a stunning Fall masterpiece filled with color.

3. There are Less Crowds

When the high season ends, there are noticeably less tourists in the city. Wait times for the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame are significantly shorter, which means you’ll be able to see and do more than you typically might in the busy season. Plus, restaurants and bars are less crowded so you’ll be able to get better tables and service than during the hectic summer months.

4. It’s Perfect for Drinking Hot Beverages

There are many restaurants in Paris that are famous for their hot chocolate, and there’s no better time to indulge in a sweet treat than in the Fall. There are hundreds of spots around the city to grab a hot beverage, whether you’re looking for a fancy afternoon tea or a quick cappuccino to-go. A hot beverage is the perfect treat to help keep warm when exploring the streets of Paris on a brisk, chilly day.

5. It’s Less Expensive

A visit to Paris can definitely add up, so if you’re looking to save a little bit, Fall is the time to go. During the busy Summer seasons hotel and flight prices skyrocket due to heavy demand, but drop significantly in the Fall months. Saving money on big ticket items means you’ll have more to spend on food, drinks, and activities!

Whether you’ve been to Paris already or have it on your bucket list, a trip to Paris in the Fall is a must. This spectacular city comes alive in the crisp air, and you’ll be able to experience it in a truly authentic way.

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