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Visit Iceland In Winter: 5 Reasons Why

Most people don’t think to visit Iceland in the Winter months, but Wintertime is actually an ideal time to visit the land of fire and ice. Many sights look so much more beautiful with a snowy backdrop! From avoiding the Summer crowds, to catching the Northern Lights, here are the top 5 reasons to visit Iceland in the Winter…

1. The Weather Isn’t As Cold as You Think

Surprisingly, Winter in Iceland isn’t that cold. Don’t be confused, it will be frosty, but it’s much milder than people think it is because of a warm gulf stream that flows along its coast. This makes temperatures milder than you might expect, and the weather is comparable to Winter temperatures in places like New York City. Just be prepared with lots of warm coats and jackets, and you’ll be set to enjoy the beautiful snowy landscapes comfortably.

2. It’s the Best Time To Spot The Northern Lights

Seeing the famous and elusive Northern Lights is a bucket list item for most travelers, and Winter is the best time to see them. The nights are much longer in the Winter, which means there is more opportunity to spot the beautiful lights.

Avoya Insider Tip: If you want a glimpse of the Northern Lights, head far away from the city where it is as dark as possible. Also, be sure to dress warm, because you’ll probably be out in the cold for a while waiting!

3. Less Crowds

Now that Iceland is a trending travel destination, it can get quite crowded during the summer months. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, authentic experience, visiting in the Winter is the way to go. You’ll have majestic waterfalls and hot springs all to yourself. Plus, hotels won’t be filled up, and prices go down in the off season.

4. Warm Up in the Hot Springs

Iceland is known for its many hot springs, and what better time to take advantage of them than when it’s cold and snowy out? There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot spring after a long day of Winter activities. The geothermal water has many health benefits including pain relief, better blood circulation, and it’s great for your skin. The most popular hot spring in Iceland is the famous Blue Lagoon, but Laugardalslaug and the Mývatn Nature Baths are also great options.

5. Experience Winter-Only Sights

Iceland’s landscape is always breathtaking, but in the Winter it will make you feel like you’re in another world. Frozen waterfalls are truly a magical sight to see, as well as fresh white snow contrasted against an icy black sand beach. In the Winter, the water that runs through glacier caves also freezes, which makes for the most incredible ice caves and tunnels that are truly other-worldly.

The natural beauty of Iceland is unparalleled, and visiting in the Winter makes it that much more amazing. If you’re up for a chilly adventure, Iceland is the place for you. Iceland is a true Winter wonderland!

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