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a look inside oceania cruises new 2024 mediterranean itineraries
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A Look Inside Oceania Cruises' New 2024 Mediterranean Itineraries

Oceania Cruises has updated its 2024 Mediterranean itineraries with fantastic new ports and travel destinations. Learn what changes you can expect.
4 min 30 sec read | Jan 26, 2024

Oceania Cruises has revamped its Mediterranean itineraries for the 2024 sailing season to offer travelers a new and elevated experience. The cruise line updated 42 itineraries to replace ports of call in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan with beloved destinations throughout the Mediterranean. The resulting itineraries combine popular beach resorts with ancient cities, curating experiences that offer something for all travelers. 

The thoughtful and strategic realignment has resulted in a plethora of itineraries ranging from 10 to 58 nights for travelers to choose from, whether you want to soak in as much as you can over a shorter period of time or enjoy a slower pace of travel. With a blend of iconic destinations and hidden gems, these voyages promise an immersive experience into the heart of Mediterranean culture.

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The Mediterranean Ports You Can Visit

Embarking on a Mediterranean cruise with Oceania Cruises is like stepping into a vivid tapestry of cultures, histories, and landscapes. Each port of call offers a unique window into the rich cadence of Mediterranean life, providing an array of experiences for every traveler.

Starting in the eternal city of Rome, one can immerse themselves in history, from the grandeur of the Colosseum to the timelessness of Vatican City. The cobbled streets and bustling piazzas offer endless exploration, while the local cuisine provides a delightful culinary journey. 

Heading north, the Italian city of Trieste presents a fascinating mix of cultures and histories. It's a city where one can sip coffee at historic cafes or explore the Miramare Castle, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Nearby, Venice's romantic canals and Renaissance art await, offering gondola rides, exquisite Murano glass, and the grandeur of St. Mark's Basilica.

Further east lies Athens, the cradle of Western civilization. Here, the majestic Acropolis stands as a testament to ancient Greek achievements. Exploring the Plaka district or enjoying a traditional Greek meal offers a perfect blend of history and modernity.

Valletta, the capital of the island of Malta, is another gem in the Mediterranean. Its Baroque architecture and rich history, especially the storied past of the Knights of St. John, are captivating. The island's rugged coastline and clear waters also make it a paradise for divers and sea lovers.

Montenegro, with its stunning Bay of Kotor, is a hidden treasure. The blend of natural beauty and medieval architecture in towns like Kotor creates a fairy-tale-like setting. Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia continue this theme, with Dubrovnik's famous city walls and Split's Diocletian's Palace showcasing the Adriatic's rich history.

In the Aegean Sea, Santorini enchants with its cliffside white and blue buildings. A sunset over the caldera is a moment of pure magic, while local vineyards offer tastings of unique volcanic wines. Crete, the largest Greek island, likewise presents a blend of beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and charming villages.

The allure of Spain's Barcelona is also undeniable. Known for its vibrant street life, stunning Gaudi architecture, and the bustling La Rambla, it's a city of endless exploration. In contrast, Monte Carlo in Monaco exudes luxury and glamour, with its famous casino and the scenic beauty of the French Riviera.

Istanbul straddles two continents, providing a unique blend of European and Asian cultures. The grandeur of the Hagia Sophia, the bustling Grand Bazaar, and the aromatic Turkish cuisine are experiences not to be missed.

Dubai, a contrast to the traditional Mediterranean, dazzles with its modern skyline and luxurious experiences, from desert safaris to shopping in opulent malls. In Italy, the Isle of Capri offers a serene escape, with its dramatic cliffs, the famous Blue Grotto, and chic boutiques.

Each destination in Oceania Cruises' Mediterranean itineraries offers a unique story, a different taste, and a new discovery. From the ancient ruins of Rome to the modern marvels of Dubai, these ports promise a journey filled with wonder, relaxation, and adventure.

Oceania's Mediterranean Cruise Fleet

Oceania Cruises' ships sailing the Mediterranean on these new itineraries embody upscale sophistication. Each ship offers a unique ambiance, blending elegance with modern amenities. A maximum of 1,250 guests onboard any Oceania Cruises ship ensures a more intimate and luxurious atmosphere.

  • Oceania Vista, the newest addition to the fleet, boasts contemporary design and state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Oceania Insignia, known for its classic elegance, offers a more traditional, refined cruise experience.
  • Oceania Riviera, appealing to those seeking luxury and comfort, provides a perfect blend of sophistication and modern facilities.
  • Oceania Marina stands out with its culinary-focused features and artistically inspired decor.

Each ship, while unique in its offerings, maintains Oceania Cruises' commitment to exceptional service and gourmet dining. Onboard, guests enjoy a variety of dining experiences, spacious suites, and a wide range of activities and entertainment. The ships are designed to provide personalized experiences, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey. With a focus on high-quality service, each vessel caters to discerning travelers seeking an immersive Mediterranean adventure, combining cultural richness with the tranquility of sea travel. 

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