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your guide to californias new honest pricing law with avoya travel
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Your Guide to California's New Honest Pricing Law with Avoya Travel

With California Senate Bill 478 going into effect, learn how this new regulation aligns perfectly with our values and benefits you as a traveler.
2 minute read | Jun 28, 2024

At Avoya Travel, transparency and integrity are at the core of our commitment to you. With California Senate Bill 478 (SB 478), also known as the "Hidden Fees Statute" or the "Honest Pricing Law," going into effect on July 1, 2024, we're excited to share how this new regulation aligns perfectly with our values and benefits you as a traveler.

Understanding the Honest Pricing Law

The Honest Pricing Law mandates that all advertised prices must include taxes, fees, and port expenses, which were previously displayed separately from the cruise fare, ensuring that the price you see on our website is the price you pay, eliminating unexpected costs when you book your vacation. This means no surprises – just straightforward pricing that helps you plan and budget for your dream vacation more effectively.

How Will This Affect You?

The Hidden Fees Statute doesn't change the total price you pay; it changes how that price is presented. All current and future advertised cruise prices on our website will now display the total cost inclusive of all mandatory fees. For example, if a cruise was previously advertised at $699 plus $150 in fees, it will now be advertised at $849, reflecting the total cost upfront. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you are paying for from the beginning.

Avoya Travel’s Commitment to Transparency

At Avoya Travel, we’ve revolutionized the way travelers plan and book their vacations by blending the convenience of online search with the personalized service and expertise of our network of independent travel advisors. With the Honest Pricing Law, providing clear, upfront pricing is now the basic standard, ensuring you have a simplified and straightforward understanding of your travel costs, further reinforcing Avoya’s dedication to value and transparency.

Benefits to Travelers

With all fees included in the advertised cruise price, budgeting for your perfect vacation becomes simpler and more accurate. You can book with confidence, knowing there will be no unexpected costs. This transparent pricing adds even more trust and confidence in the travel planning process with Avoya, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming vacation rather than worrying about hidden expenses. Thanks to our partnerships with top travel companies, you’ll receive the very best value for your next trip with exclusive deals, discounts, and prices that can't be found anywhere else.

Experience Transparent Travel Planning

As the Honest Pricing Law comes into effect, Avoya Travel continues to lead in transparency and customer advocacy. We are proud to support this law and reinforce our promise to provide you with the best value and most honest travel experiences. Ready to experience transparent travel planning? Get Started with Avoya Travel today and plan your next adventure with confidence.

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