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Celebrity Xpedition

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Celebrity Cruises

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, then Celebrity Cruises has just the voyage for you! For your vacation in the Galapagos Islands, get ready for an unparalleled cruising experience aboard Celebrity Xpedition. This 48-passenger vessel is equipped with luxurious amenities that will help heighten this special experience. From in-suite dining, massage services, a fitness room, live music, as well as nightly lectures hosted by certified specialists form the Galapagos National Park, you can absorb the natural beauty of your surroundings while enhancing the experience by learning about this special area.

Revisit the path that Charles Darwin took during his famous expedition while you enjoy the experience aboard this lovely vessel, and look forward to special excursions off-ship with the onboard certified naturalists. With live music available in the Discovery Lounge, you can return from your exploration and enjoy the sounds of music as you relax after your day - and while there are sumptuous suites available as well as beautiful staterooms, every cabin onboard has a beautiful view to go with it. If you want to have a cruising experience like no other, a trip aboard this vessel, with its smaller passenger size and specialized attention, is just what you need.   

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Onboard Experience


Darwin's Restaurant is the main onboard dining experience that is available to guests and with sumptuous meals prepared with exquisite ingredients, you can expect the best. The gorgeous, natural ambiance of the Galapagos is enhanced with crisp, white linens, and beautiful, fine crystal - all capped off by careful and attentive service from the dining staff. Serving meals that are often locally sourced which feature fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruits, these beautifully prepared meals will help enhance this special experience. Enjoy this special voyage aboard Celebrity Xpedition and, if you choose, get to know your fellow guests during these special and intimate meals.

For casual dining during the day, visit the Beagle Grill onboard which features plenty of favorites, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, and sometimes even seafood. The Beagle Grill is open during the day and night and can be a great place to grab a bite to eat after your day exploring. Here, you can also sit and chat with your family and friends about the adventures you had during the day. Any guests who are early risers can also make use of this grill as they feature an early riser continental breakfast.    


If you're on Celebrity Xpedition, then you are ready for adventure. A visit to the Galapagos is at the top of many bucket lists, and Celebrity Cruises have prepared an experience for you like no other. With certified naturalists on board to help educate guests, you can prepare yourself for your daily excursions as guides take you through this very special area. Get ready to see animals that some people only ever dream of seeing - like blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, and sea lions, and prepare for snorkeling adventures near Santiago Island. This is an adventure that will have you on your feet a lot, so make sure to get plenty of rest in your beautiful cabin after the long days of adventure-seeking.

Excursions during this trip should include visits to Gardner Bay on Espanola Island, Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, and Espinoza Point on Fernandina Island. Gardner Bay has beautiful white sand beaches and is a great place to have a swim, snorkel, or enjoy the sun while relaxing. Puerto Ayora is the main population center of the area and is where the Charles Darwin Research Station and National Park Service tortoise-breeding center are located. This is also where you will have the chance to see giant tortoises in the wild. At Espinoza Point, you can enjoy exploring this extraordinary looking island that is covered with black lava rocks, a huge colony of marine iguanas, as well as sea lions. Espinoza Point is also a nesting area for flightless cormorants, so bring your camera and don't miss out on the action! Experienced snorkelers may wish to take advantage of this time to do some deep-water snorkeling, or visitors can opt for long or short walking excursions.

The focus of this cruise is seeing and exploring the amazing natural environment of the Galapagos. For many, this is a once in a lifetime trip, so be sure to pack a great camera that has a good zoom feature so you don't miss any of the natural action. The onboard naturalists will host evening briefings for the next day's activities. After this, you may want to grab a drink and enjoy the beautiful views from the open sundeck as the sun settles over the horizon.

In addition to daily excursions, snorkeling is available for guests. Water temperatures can vary wildly depending on the time of the year and while the cruise line will provide necessary snorkeling items, it may be best to prepare yourself mentally for that initial jolt of cold water! You may also wish to purchase a snorkeling hood if you are snorkeling in colder weather as this will help keep you warm while you explore.

While onboard, you can enjoy the Discovery Lounge which offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and read, watch a movie, or enjoy a cocktail while you chat about your day's adventures with your companions. The Discovery Lounge is also where most of the naturalist briefings will take place. Guests can also enjoy their time on the Panorama Deck which is a great place to relax and watch the stars. It is also an ideal place to do some whale watching.    

Fitness & Recreation

While much of your day will probably be spent on excursions throughout the Galapagos, there is also an onboard fitness center that you can make use of, just in case you want to get in a little more exercise before your day is done. Located on the Sunrise Deck, the fitness center has weights, step machines, and stationary bikes to choose from, and is designed with large windows that let the light and sights in as you exercise. The fitness center is also equipped with showers, a sauna, and a whirlpool, for that added bit of relaxation after your workout or after a long day of adventuring and exploring.    


There are no spa services on board as this is an expedition-style cruise, however, there is a massage table in the recreation room and some massage services are available to guests.    


This is a specialized trip and while shopping opportunities may be available prior to boarding, the emphasis for this voyage is a natural experience in the Galapagos.    


While children can take this trip, it might be best experienced by older children or teens as you will find that your daily excursions are exciting but also somewhat strenuous. Plan to be walking several miles per day on your excursions and be sure that any children who are accompanying you enjoy long hikes and wild animals.    


There are no casino facilities on this vessel as it is a specialized trip that is meant to help you appreciate the beauty of the area while offering insight, education, and experience in and around the islands.    



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Ship Reviews

4.9 Stars
16 Reviews
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“Trip of a lifetime”
5 Stars
Cruise Date: 08/19/2023
Destination: Exotics
Reviewed 10 months ago by Marilyn
“Incredible Place, Incredible ship, Incredible crew”
5 Stars
Cruise Date: 03/31/2022
Destination: Exotics
Reviewed about 2 years ago by John
5 Stars
Cruise Date: 03/31/2022
Destination: Exotics
Reviewed about 2 years ago by Wendolyn
“Wonderful trip!!”
5 Stars
Cruise Date: 02/22/2020
Destination: Exotics
Reviewed over 4 years ago by Marjorie
“Amazing trip”
5 Stars
Cruise Date: 02/13/2020
Destination: Exotics
Reviewed over 4 years ago by Neil
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