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Mediterranean Tours

Mediterranean Tours Overview

Escorted tours throughout the Mediterranean explore celebrated destinations such as the Greek Isles, Italy, France, Monaco, Morraco, Spain, and more. Travelers can gain an in-depth look into the heart of a variety of cities and countries, and will enjoy pictorial landscapes, delectable food, rich cultures, and the 'the good life' associated with the people living in the Mediterranean.

Whether traveling through the major historical cities of Barcelona and Madrid or visiting smaller towns in the countryside, Spain offers vacationers the opportunity to witness lively bullfights, extravagant flamenco dancers, and spicy authentic flavors. Escorted tour guests will also be able to see gothic cathedrals, the Picasso museum, and paintings in archaic caves. Abundant with chapels and museums, Italy enchants travelers with its rich spirit of the Renaissance. Vacationers can delve into the stunning architecture of Rome, the olive-planted hills of Florence, and the city of Orvieto which lies atop a plateau of volcanic tuff.

France is the most visited country in the world with its renowned cities including Nice, Paris, and Cannes. Northern France provides exquisite flatlands, while Paris remains the quintessential romance city with the soaring Eiffel Tower. Eastern France contains the Burgundy region which produces world-class wines including well-known pinot noirs and chardonnays, while the South attracts visitors to the stunning Riviera and classic French cuisine. Finally, grandiose castles and quaint towns lining the French Riviera ultimately make the country one of the most striking destinations in the Mediterranean.

Filled with an ambiance of love, life, and laughter, the Mediterranean is a must-see part of the world, and an escorted tour is one of the best ways to experience the culture and lifestyle of this notable region.

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