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Top 5 Reasons to Vacation with Globus Tours

If you’re looking for the next best adventure, a Globus Tour is for you. We’ve gathered the top 5 reasons to take a vacation with Globus. Tours are one of the best forms of travel and here’s why Globus is one of the best tour providers...

1. Hassle-Free Planning

If you’re traveling independently, you to plan weeks, or in some cases months in advance to map out your itinerary, catch onto different languages, prepare to pay with different currencies, carry your own luggage, and find your own transportation. And, once you are at your destination and the sites you want to visit, you’ll need to stand in lines, pay fees, and deal with other things you may not be aware of or prepared for. The preparation can drain your energy quickly, however Globus tour vacations make it a priority to make your trip as convenient as possible so you can just simply travel, enjoy your destination, and not have to worry about a thing.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple hotel bookings for one trip. Globus includes all the great hotels in your booking price. Amazing food, incredible sightseeing, and priceless memories are all included in the package without the stress of planning each detail.

2. Local Experts

With different languages, foreign roadmaps, and tons of sites to visit in a set timeframe, visiting a new destination can be a little stressful at times. Globus tours give you access to experienced local experts who carry more knowledge than a guidebook. These individuals will be your friend in an unfamiliar place and provide you with valuable insider knowledge about your destination – whether this includes bargaining down shopping prices or making sure you taste the best authentic local cuisine. Your local experts will help you live the cultural lifestyle of your destination to its fullest.

3. Undiscovered Places

You can visit all the ‘must-see’ sites of your destinations if you so choose that type of itinerary, but Globus also provides experiences that are authentically off-the-beaten path. Go beyond the usual tourist routes on Undiscovered Italy, Britain, and Mediterranean itineraries.

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Sometimes the path less traveled gives you an experience that is unique and memorable. These undiscovered itineraries include experiences such as discovering the Aegean islands and Heraklion, with its legendary history, architecture, and art. These vacations are very enriching as any experience can be.

4. Like-Minded Travelers

Traveling with Globus, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy every bit of your destination while meeting new people and like-minded travelers from all over the world. It’s a pleasure to travel with others who are just as interested in your destination as you are. It makes the trip more worthwhile.

Thinking about traveling alone? You can travel solo and have a fun experience filled with new friends, while your local experts lead you through your adventure.

5. More Value

Contrary to popular belief, planning travel on your own doesn’t always offer more bang for your buck. On a Globus escorted tour, all your accommodations and transportation are included in the cost of your vacation, and sometimes these rates are negotiated at a lower price than what you would typically pay if you were traveling on your own.

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In addition, these vacations also include sightseeing with an expert, several meals, as well as unique local experiences. The cost of traveling on your own can add up when including all these factors. Plus, the hotel accommodations are always the best quality and centrally-located from a Roman Villa in Italy to an Eco-lodge in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia. There is no going wrong with a Globus tour!

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