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The Best Cruise Beverage Packages & Destination Drinks

If you love to enjoy a refreshing adult beverage while you cruise to the world’s most remarkable destinations, you know that the prices for a cocktail or glass of wine can sometimes be steep. Don’t worry, Avoya Travel provides vacations onboard the industry’s most renowned cruise lines that offer beverage packages that can save you hundreds off your drink tab. Plus, we’ve singled out a few of the best destinations to consider when choosing your cruise destination. These destinations are rich in culture, sightseeing, and the birthplace of some of the world’s most popular drinks!

Cruise Beverage Packages: Things to Consider

If you’ve booked a cruise and plan on drinking during your trip, you should consider purchasing a beverage package because in most cases paying upfront in bulk turns out to be cheaper than what you would have paid on a per drink basis. You’ll want to take into consideration many factors when deciding, starting with – how much do you plan to drink? Take a close look at the details of the package, but as a general estimate if you plan on drinking 4-5 drinks per day a package is worth the upfront cost.

If you prefer certain types of alcohol, make sure to check that the package includes your favorite brands. For example, some packages only include certain ‘select’ wines which means you will only be restricted to those for the trip and will have to pay out-of-pocket during the cruise for beverages not on that list of select drinks. In addition, also check when you can use your beverage package credit. Sometimes drinks are only available during specific times on your cruise such as formal dinners.

Tip: Coffees, bottled waters, and sodas are usually included in beverage packages and some cruise lines offer non-alcoholic beverage packages!

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Cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line offer awesome packages with different varieties and quantities based on your preferences.

Drink & Discover

We know that when you cruise onboard festivities are only half the fun. Cuba and Puerto Rico are two of the best destinations you can visit on a cruise and also happen to be wonderful places to enjoy an ice cold drink as you take in the culture during your onshore excursion.


You’ll feel the rhythm and passion of Cuba when you take your first sip of a mojito or daiquiri as live salsa beats echo through the streets. Enjoy an authentic drink at La Bodequita del Medio or El Floridita for the best adult treat in the Caribbean! Mint, fresh lime juice, guarapo (sugarcane juice), make the perfect ingredients to any kind of vacation.

Puerto Rico

There is no better combination than fresh pineapple and coconut. Treat yourself to a pina colada in El Viejo San Juan, The New San Juan or Isla Verde Beach and taste the refreshing flavors of Puerto Rico. Enjoy a perfect vacation with a coconut in hand and gorgeous sunset view by the beach. Explore the charming streets and feel the vibrant energy from the locals.

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