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Indulge in small-ship sailing on an all-new scale when you choose Celebrity Xploration. This ship accommodates only 16 passengers, making its way through the biodiverse riches of Ecuador's Galapagos Islands. The volcanic archipelago features ancient tortoises, marine and terrestrial iguanas, sea lions and tons of whales, dolphins, and birds, many of which are viewable directly from your cruise ship or from ports of call. Since this is a smaller ship, you'll be able to navigate into the marine crevices of the region to witness sights that few others in the world get to see, all while relaxing amid the finery of the ship's comforts and technology. This would be the perfect voyage for a large family, a reunion of family or schoolmates, a nature retreat with friends, a wedding party with close loved ones or a romantic getaway for two amid other like-minded travelers. Premium services abound, including binoculars for use while wildlife spotting, private refrigerators, free WiFi in public areas and more. Hang out on the Sun Deck to catch a few rays, look for whales or relax in the hot tub. While there is plenty of the ease of cruising life to enjoy on this ship, you'll also be whipping through open water on Zodiac boats and hiking to make the most of the trip.    
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Dining becomes a unique proposition onboard Xploration. This is one of the ways in which small ships excel. Since there is such a low passenger capacity, service is excellent and highly personalized. Discuss with your chef what kind of meals you would like during your voyage and savor the careful preparation of dishes like lobster, beef Wellington and gorgeous fish plates. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables accompany your entrees, while wine complements the meal and desserts round out the experience with a touch of sweetness. If you're a wine connoisseur, feel free to say so before your voyage begins. You may want to see what upgrades are available. The smaller ship may only have room for a certain number of bottles. Those who travel with large groups will find it easy to dine all together, while couples or smaller groups can still decide how to organize seating or dining pairings in a comfortable environment. While the ship foregoes the glamorous, multi-story dining halls of other Celebrity cruise ships, the ambiance leaves nothing lacking here.    


If you're a seasoned cruiser, entertainment onboard this cruise ship is a bit different than you might be used to. While larger ships are characterized by their beautiful theaters, dramatic performances, and musical fanfare, the entertainment on this ship is more attuned to the rhythms of the Galapagos. The mood on a small ship like this is more of a private sailing than a convivial floating city, so expect music to be a bit more low-key or played less often in favor of watching the waves or catching up on conversations with your travel companions. Naturalists play a major role in Galapagos Island cruising. On this ship, they are intensely passionate and thoroughly educated, while still being personable and taking cues of when to chat and when to wait until a sighting is afoot to start explaining what's out there. While other ships may have naturalist talks, this ship is more conversational and allows you to get to know your naturalist better.    

Fitness & Recreation

Fitness and recreation onboard Xploration is more about the activities in which you participate during the day than any attempts at sticking to your fitness routine while on vacation. While there's plenty of value in consistency when it comes to working out, the Galapagos Islands are so enriching and engaging that no one could blame you for spending every moment absorbed in the environment. Get your heart rate up with hiking through verdant landscapes, taking plant walks where you learn about the flora you see, swimming, snorkeling or diving depending on your experience level and interest, bird watching, visiting tortoises or other rare wildlife and exploring volcanoes. If you need a little bit of quieter time to relax, kick back with the flat-screen TV in your stateroom or suite, head to the public lounge to read a book or watch a documentary or scan the horizon for wildlife using binoculars provided onboard as a complementary addition.    


There is no spa onboard Xploration, because you're spending your time enjoying the small-ship nature of the cruise. The vibe here is much more private yacht sailing through remote paradise than it is mega-ship with every amenity you can imagine. While there's a lot of care put into the details of your voyage and service is always geared to your desires, less is more in many ways on this ship. Without the bells and whistles of a bigger ship, you get to unwind, find a new rhythm is an unusual region of the world and soak in everything the Galapagos have to offer you and your traveling companions. If you just can't go home without a massage or facial, request recommendations for services in cities like Quito, Lima or Cuzco, all ports of call for this ship, depending on the voyage.    


Shopping is a fantastic way to unwind, refresh your look and stock up on anything you have left at home, but on this ship, where to shop is a non-issue. If you happened to forget any of the basic sundries, simply let your personal attendant know what you need and he or she will supply it to you or figure out if there's an upcoming port where someone can fulfill your request. If you're looking for souvenirs, you may be able to find shopping recommendations in port, but for many who take this cruise, the best keepsakes are photographs of land or sea panoramas, incredible wildlife, like seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, colorful crabs, and stately tortoises. During your cruise, there's very little you'll need in the way of finery or accessories, so enjoy the lightweight, comfortable layers of apparel you pack and save the shopping this time for port days or post-cruise overland trips.    


Kids are welcome onboard Celebrity Xploration. While these cruises are geared toward adults, you can bring children as long as you reserve a room for them. Since each stateroom or suite accommodates two people, plan accordingly for everyone's comfort. Kids will love the excitement of Zodiac boats, used as tenders between the cruise ship and the islands themselves. Seeing animals most of their friends probably haven't seen before gives them another reason to crow about this trip. Get them interested in nature, marine biology, conservation, sailing and more when you bring them along on this cruise and all of its excursions. With such talented naturalists onboard, it's easy for kids to warm up to new topics once they hear the passion of these experts.


Celebrity Xploration does not have a casino. If you're interested in playing card games, feel free to break out your own deck and organize a friendly game for fun on the Sun Deck, at a dining table, in the lounge or in your stateroom or suite. You won't miss gambling when you're immersed in the wonders of the Galapagos Islands.    



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