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Disney Magic

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Disney Cruises

Step into a world of Disney allure at sea onboard the Disney Magic. Disney designs and classic movies are showcased on every corner of the ship, with even more exciting amenities awaiting her guests. Each accommodation offers comfortable beds, with many featuring split bathrooms. Adults can enjoy plenty of adult exclusive pool areas and restaurants as children enjoy youth clubs such as Flounder’s Reef Nursery, Disney’s Oceaneer Club, and Vibe, a teen exclusive hot spot. Whether you want casual dining, Main Dining Room service, or quiet adults-only restaurants, Disney Magic has it all. For an endless array of international and American classics, head to Topsider Buffet, or try Lumiere’s French inspired cuisine in the evening. Disney Magic features delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Main Dining Rooms Animator’s Palate and tropical themed Parrot Cay. For adult exclusive dining and delicious Northern Italian cuisine, head to Palo. End the night with spectacular onboard entertainment, like Twice Charmed, a Broadway-style twist to the classic Cinderella story, and Villains Tonight!, a live comedy show starring Disney’s evilest villains. Disney Magic will allure any guest to a Disney vacation of their dreams!

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Onboard Experience

Dress Code

Pack for comfort. Pack for style. Disney Cruise Line® and Walt Disney World® Resort offer a casual, informal Resort atmosphere.

During the summer months, lightweight shorts, slacks, sundresses, jeans and tops are all appropriate daytime attire in the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Central Florida.

In the winter, a light jacket, sweater and socks may be needed for cooler days and nights.

Bring comfortable shoes - like boat shoes, sandals, or sneakers. And don't forget swimwear, sunglasses, a sunhat or visor and sunscreen - especially for the kids.

All cruises host a tropical deck party. You are invited to join in the fun by wearing festive island wear including colorful shirts, dresses, shorts or pants.

Other things to remember: It is recommended that necessary items including: proof of citizenship, valuables, medications (in their original containers), and any other personal items or other items required for check-in or embarkation be packed in your day bag. Don't forget an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses and your camera.

A limited number of strollers are available for rental on board. Of course, if you do forget something, odds are you can buy it on board or when we get to port.

Fitness / Recreation

Adult Aerobic Classes
These stimulating aerobic classes will get your heart pumping, and the best part is that they are complimentary. Popular classes include Pathway To Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Fitball. Check the Navigator daily for a schedule of classes offered on your cruise.

Body Composition Analysis
A highly accurate way to measure the metabolic rate, the water, fat and lean tissue content of your body. Following your BCA printout, our Fitness Consultants will provide a break down of your body's composition, including recommendations on nutrition, exercise and detoxification to help you to reach your goals. A must for those with an interest in health and fitness.

The Zone Consultation
A 1:1 nutrition consultation incorportating priciples from The Zone diet. A very informative session, including a body composition analysis and take home nutrition manual relative to your lifestyle and goals. Perfect for those looking to reach their ideal body weight.

Fitness Personal Training
Disney's personal trainers are a valuable asset to the Vista Spa. They will motivate you to work out effectively, crafting an individual exercise programme specific to your needs. Personal training sessions are 60 minutes in length. and include a lifestyle consultation.


Leave it to the world's greatest entertainers to bring you the world's greatest entertainment. The Walt Disney Theatre offers a magnificent tribute to the grand theatrical palaces of yesteryear, with live original Disney stage productions. Movie buffs can enjoy new releases and Disney classics at the Buena Vista Theatre. Or go to the Internet Cafe for access to the cyber world while you're at sea. The Promenade Lounge serenades you with live pop music and your favorite libation.
And Studio Sea is a nightspot featuring games and music the whole family will enjoy. When the sun goes down, adults head for Beat Street on the Disney Magic. From an intimate piano bar to a Top 40-dance club, or a pub filled with sing-along laughs, the action never stops on the high seas.

Gratuity / Tipping

Disney make's it easy. It is customary to give gratuities in recognition of service, which you will most likely be treated to in abundance aboard the ship.

As a guideline, may Disney suggest the following:
Per Guest per cruise 3-Night 4-Night 7-Night

Dining Room Server 11.00 14.75 25.75

Dining Room Asst. Server 8.00 10.75 18.75

Dining Room Head Server 2.75 3.75 6.50

Cabin Host/Hostess 10.75 14.50 25.25

Dining Manager Your Discretion
Room Service Your Discretion
For your convenience, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine, and deck service tabs. All gratuities can be charged to your room charge.
At the Walt Disney World® Resort, 15% is the customary gratuity at restaurants and bars.


Vista Spa and Salon
Aromaspa Ocean Wrap with Well-Being Back Massage
Combining the powers of seaweed, sage and aromatherapy, the Aromaspa Ocean Wrap detoxifies the body while relaxing the mind. The active ingredients work to re-mineralize the body with vital trace elements from the sea, giving an instant boost of energy while increasing the metabolism. Musclease and Cellutox helps to remineralise the skin, detoxify the body, and soothe stiff and sore joints (great for athletes and also recommended for those who suffer with arthritis and lower back pain). During the wrap you will receive a foot, ankle and scalp massage. After rinsing in a warm shower your therapist will continue with a relaxation massage to the legs, back, neck and shoulders.

Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual
The Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual has been created to treat the mind, body and soul holistically to help restore balance and harmony. Using potent aromatic oils and a combination of reflexology, shiatsu and pressure-point techniques, stress is gently eased away. In addition to the treatment of the body, Disney incorporates a rejuvenating scalp massage and complete the treatment with an aromatic pressure-point facial.

Ionithermie Algae Detox
If you have not detoxified in a while, perhaps you should try the Ionithermie Detox. Toxins in the body not only contribute to a cellulite build up in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and tops of the arms, but they can also make you feel lethargic and drained of energy. The Ionithermie Detox works by using a pure algae, helping to drain the body of excessive impurities. Not only will you emerge with a body that is firmer and trimmer, you will also feel revitalized and energetic.

LT Oxygen Lifting Facial
The skin on the face and eye area is the most sensitive on your body. The La Therapie facial is a necessity for the skin, to regenerate, re-vitalize and renew the skin cells at the deeper layers of the epidermis. Using gels and creams, rich amino acids and nourishing plant extracts, the La Therapie Facial not only deep cleanses, drawing out impurities from the lower layers of the skin with the use of galvanic stimuli, it also transports active ingredients into the skin. High frequency then sterilizes the skin and adds an invisible barrier of ozone. The facial ritual is completed with a purifying mask, which helps to close the pores and moisturize the skin.

Elemis Pro Collagen Facial
Using an exclusive Japanese pure silk protein mask combined with natural serums, this beautiful hands on facial helps to restore youthful radiance working to hydrate and plump up the skin. Providing immediate results and relaxation, the Pro Collagen facial includes a hand, arm, scalp and facial massage.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow
A truly invigorating treatment using the lime and ginger exfoliating salt glow, to leave your skin feeling satin smooth. This treatment is wonderful for dry or sun stressed skin, and is an effective preparation for those wanting time in the sun. Disney complete's this treatment with an aromatherapy back of body massage.

Wellbeing Massage
The full body massage is an all over body massage from the ankles up to the neck. The Elemis Aromatherapy oils will be applied during your treatment to ensure you emerge both revived and relaxed.

Spa Taster
The spa taster is a wonderful way to experience a combination of treatments designed to alleviate areas of stress. This massage begins at your ankles, working slowly up the back of the body, concentrating on the neck and scalp - the two key areas of stress. Your therapist will then turn you over to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate the face applying a soothing aromatherapy mask. Completing the treatment with a relaxing massage to the scalp, you will leave feeling relaxed and re-vived.

Tropical Rainforest
Exclusive to the Disney Magic® and the Disney Wonder®, this thermal suite consists of cozy saunas, steams and showers to help relax the mind, cleanse the body and soften the skin. Essences of eucalyptus, chamomile and orchid fill the air. To refresh the body, a fog shower sprays a mist of cool fresh water over the body, while giving off the aroma of mint. Relax on Disney's heated rock lounges between relaxation treatments, or enjoy with a group of friends.

Rasul Steam Bath
The Surial Steam Bath has Oriental origins; it is derived from an ancient purification ceremony for the body and is a fun treatment to enjoy alone or with a partner. After a shower, medicinal earth from Austria's untrodden mountains is applied to the entire body and face. Once the mixture is applied, you enter the herbal steam-bath chamber and unwind, while the earth and heat withdraw impurities from the body. It's a sensuous experience that evokes profound relaxation.

Alpha Capsule
Using aromatherapy, lights, dry heat and relaxing sounds the Alpha Capsule will transport you into the Alpha dimension -a highly relaxed state of mind that is experienced just before deep sleep. You will feel as though you have had two and one half-hours sleep in the twenty five-minute period.


You'll have the opportunity to get exclusive Disney Cruise Line logo merchandise available on board and nowhere else. From beautiful clothes to towels to fine watches - this is your chance to keep the memories alive long after your cruise. You'll also find unique and exclusive Disney collectibles, and if someone forgot their toothpaste or bathing suit - we've got that too! You'll even find duty-free items right on board.


Imagine enjoying a totally different dining experience at each of three uniquely themed restaurants. Parrot Cay delivers a taste of the islands with a Caribbean beat. Fine food teams up with classic Disney animation at Animator's Palate. On the Disney Magic, Lumière's provides an elegant dining experience.

One thing doesn't change -- your personal wait staff goes with you as you travel from one innovative dining experience to another, so you are assured night after night of impeccable Disney service.

And exclusively for adults, a reservation at romantic Palo guarantees unsurpassed cuisine with a 270° ocean view.


Activities for Kids (ages 3-7)
Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Club offers age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors, of course. And, as an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch. Please review Disney's Children's Programming participation guidelines.

Featured Activities for Kids (Ages 3-4)
Do-Si-Do with Snow White Young children love to dance, and who better to do so with than Snow White! After practicing their "Dance of the Seven Dwarfs," children will perform with a special guest.

Pumbaa PJ Party (7-Night Only)
Children enter the world of the Lion King with singing, storytelling, coloring a pillowcase to take home, dressing up, bounding through movement dances, roaring like lions and eating bugs. Then Goofy visits the Club to say goodnight before the children watch a movie.

Welcome to Wonderland
Music and silly games let young "mad hatters" create their own adventure! An unbirthday party with Alice is the perfect way to end a day in Wonderland.

Featured Activities for Kids (Ages 5-7)

Goofy's Giggle Gala (7-Night Cruise Only)
Dress to impress! Wear your PJs and slippers and join us for fun, games and snacks!

Professor Goo's Magical Experiments
Young scientists join Professor Goo to create a squishy green substance that looks like "Flubber"! Don't miss the fun! Children will be able to take home a sample.

So You Want to be a Pirate?
There's a pirate onboard! Never fear, he's only on hand to tell children adventurous stories tracing the history of buccaneers through time. Captain Hook may even stop by to visit his old friend.

Activities for Kids (ages 8-12)
Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Lab offers age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors, of course. And, as an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch. Please review Disney's Children's Programming participation guidelines.

Featured Activities for Kids Ages 8-9
Apprentice's Workshop
In this workshop, our apprentices will encounter solid liquids and make their own batch of "Flubber-like Goo"! Children will be able to take home a sample.

Goofy World Records
Goofy and his pals have created a variety of games and contests for a wild time! Can you set a Goofy World Record?

Regatta Racers,
Disney's sailors run a clean regatta as they build racers using bars of soap and other materials. This race is sure to be good clean fun and lots of laughs.

Featured Activities for Kids (Ages 10-12)

Hidden Mickey Challenge (7-Night Cruise Only)
Things are not always as they seem - using the magic of science come conjure up some goo with us!

Science Sorcery
Things are not always as they seem - using the magic of science, come conjure up some goo with us!

Splish & Splash Pool Party
Join us for your private pool party under the stars!

Teen Activities

It's the ultimate place to hang. The Stack brings wonder to the Disney Magic®, while Aloft creates magic on the Disney Wonder®. Both spots are dedicated to teens only and come complete with music, games and large-screen TV, even an Internet Café. The Stack and Aloft are for teens ages 13 to 17 to meet on their own terms.

Featured Activities for Teens

Amazing Race
Race from location to location, clue after clue. Who will be the first team to finish?

Strategy, deception and intrigue challenge the teens through this day-to-day game of elimination.

Mix & Match
How well do you know your new friends onboard? Find out the real scoop and tell all before the long distance e-mails begin.

Party in Paradise
The cruise is almost over, so it's time to party! This farewell event gives you a chance to say good-bye to the new friends you made during the cruise.

Teen Pool Party
Don't miss the farewell party. Enjoy dancing, ping pong, shuffleboard, pool games, Float Ball, Pass the Orange and enter the Cannonball Contest.

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Disney Magic
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“Good weather and good ports of call.”
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“Delightful trip with adult children and young Grandchildren”
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